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Cover-Ups and Reworks

To read my full booking policies, client safety information, and information about In Bloom Tattoo Co., please click through here! 

To read about covering up scars with tattooing, please click through here!


Let's Talk about Covering Up an Old Tattoo

  • I specialize in the artistic covering up of older tattoos that a client may be unsatisfied with. Cover-ups aim to layer a new tattoo over top of an older one with the goal of disguising it completely. Cover-ups are one of the most difficult tattoos to achieve and require patience and dedication on the part of the client and the tattoo artist to get a flawless healed result. 

  • Consultations for cover-ups of scarring and old tattoos specifically are mandatory before I am able to accept your project.

  • As a general rule, the older the tattoo is the easier it will be to tattoo over. 10 years old is the gold standard, but tattoos of any age can be covered!

  • Cover-ups must be a minimum of 30% larger than the original tattoo and are at their best at double the original size.

  • Blast-overs are the layering of a new tattoo over an older one with no aim to completely disguise the old one. This is an artistic choice and is an option for when something is not possible to laser remove or do a complete cover-up on. I don't do this as much.

  • Tattoo ink behaves in very specific ways. Black ink is densest and colour inks are thinner - this is how layering colour immediately over black linework is possible during the tattoo process. Only a new ink of the same tonal value as the original tattoo will obscure it completely... Meaning that the new tattoo will have to use colours or shading that is as dark or darker than what you currently have in order to hide the old piece.

  • Laser removal always makes covering a tattoo easier. Even 30 - 50% lighter can make a huge difference in the options that are available to you for covering your tattoo.

  • Cover-ups often have to be done in many small sessions... Some techniques require the first layer of ink to heal before I am able to layer more colour on top to complete the illusion. Cover-ups always go through a messy middle phase. Trust the process :)

What is the process like?

  • You will be required to book an in-person consultation with me to secure a booking. I take clients for consultations at 9:30am Tuesday - Friday.

  • From the consultation you will be asked to e-mail me for an appointment date or asked to wait until my next round of bookings to book in.

  • You will likely only do the outline of the cover-up on the first session unless it is small.

  • Your next session(s) will be completed section by section depending on the size, usually starting with the cover-up.

  • Your very final session will require you to come back approximately 3 - 5 months later to tighten up everything necessary. This session is usually included in the price of your tattoo and is therefore free of charge that day.

What results can I expect?

  • I will always be honest about what you can expect from your cover-up at your initial consultation. The results vary wildly from person to person but for the mostpart I do not take on cover-ups that I am not confident will completely obscure the older tattoo. 

  • Your older tattoo may still show through if your first tattoo had any scarring to it. The topography of the old tattoo can not be leveled by a cover-up and you will likely always have that raised effect from the original piece. 

  • I only take on cover-ups where the client is willing to take the suggestions I give them. I require pretty much full creative freedom in order to take on a cover-up though I am always happy to collaborate with the client on the design so both of us are happy. Usually the idea that comes to me first upon seeing a tattoo that is destined to be covered is the best option. Please trust my professional opinion and trust in the process and you will get a great result!


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