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My books are closed!

My books for custom work will open


for new clients.

Booking period: Winter 2025

Going forwards, my books will be closed to new custom work and new clients until I am able to clear the backlog. From now on I will not be keeping a structured schedule and announcing when my books are opening 1 month ahead of time when my schedule allows. I am foreseeing my books opening once in the spring and once in the fall. 

On the "books open" day this page will have a new tattoo request form for you to fill out. Please allow 14 - 21 days to hear back. Please note that due to volume of submission I am only able to reply to those clients whose projects are accepted for this round.

My books are ALWAYS open for pre-drawn flash designs. If you see something you like, e-mail me at

Please keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook stories for cancellations. I don't keep a waiting list at this time!

In the meantime, please read through my booking policies. General questions can be forwarded to

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