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Client Rights & Trauma-Informed Tattooing

Credit to Tamara Santibañez and Discipline Press for guidelines on trauma-informed tattooing. @tamarasantibanez @disciplinepress

  • All bodies are welcomed in my chair and can be guaranteed a tattoo service that is completed by a gentle and patient artist in a clean and quiet environment free of hate speech.
    All clients have a right to equal treatment from me before, during, and after the tattoo service regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and health status. You have the right to use your preferred name and the right to have your pronouns respected.

  • My tattoo booth is in the loft space of Obscura Tattoo which makes the space I tattoo in private and out of sight, though sound does travel between the two levels.

  • I am as patient as need be. You always have final say on the tattoo and all its elements (size, location on the body, design, etc.). You will always have adequate time with me to consider the tattoo and all its elements before I begin. You will always be encouraged to ask questions and to consult with me beforehand.

  • You have the right to see the design from me the night before your appointment both to ease your anxiety and mine. Should this not be possible for whatever extenuating circumstance you will be given the option to reschedule to another date.

  • I will always ask for consent before I touch you before, during, and after the tattoo service. This consent can be revoked at any time. 

  • You have the right to tap out (finish) the tattoo at any time regardless of how much time you booked with me. There is always another day and if your mental or physical health can not handle it, that is more than okay. I always ask clients to try to make it through the linework but if this isn't possible then accommodations can always be made.

  • I always endeavour to make sure your accessibility needs are met. I comfortably work with clients who experience tics, spasms, body twitches and shakes, and many other health concerns. I am slow going and patient and show you how I can work and time my tattooing process to your particular needs.

  • My bed is rated to support a body weight of 350lbs, but there are often ways around using the bed if this is a concern.

  • I will always arrive to work with you well-rested (and probably caffeinated)! I am chronically ill and highly anxious. Should something happen with my mental or physical health that could potentially affect the service I provide to you I will contact you as soon as possible as I hope you would let me know, also. The tattoo service is a two-way street. While I ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation, this is a general guideline for consideration - I will NEVER be angry at you in my e-mails should you have a legitimate reason to reschedule without that notice. There is always another day.

  • Should you have particular concerns about the service or would like to share how I can make our appointment more accessible to you, please reach out. I would prefer not to be given specific explicit details of your trauma at the booking process as this can then be traumatic for me, but in general I am well-equipped for you to inform me of anything that you think might affect your ability or mine to complete the service. Communication between us will be ongoing before, during and after the appointment.

  • I am always open to critique on my service and how it can be made more accessible from start to finish. Please feel free to call me out/in should there have been something I could have improved on this website, in my e-mail communications, during the tattoo service, during the aftercare, or on my social media.

Booking Process!


 My books open quarterly under regular non-pandemic times. Right now it is best to keep an eye on my socials for when my books are opening. 

  • Pricing as of January 2022:
    Tuesday - Friday are either 500$+tx (for anything under 4 hours) or 900$+tx (for anything over 4 hours). This price is firm and is also my minimum charge per session. I do not offer sliding scale at this time.

  • Saturdays are available only for exceptional circumstances and are booked at a higher daily rate. 750$+tx (for anything under 4 hours) or 1350$+tx (for anything over 4 hours) 

  •  I will require a deposit within 24 hours of booking you. Deposits are COMPLETELY NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason including COVID-19 closures. If 48 hours notice of rescheduling is given deposits are fully transferable to another date. They are a minimum of 100$ and can be sent by interac e-transfer to The deposit will go towards the final session of your piece. Please make the security answer "tattoo" if it requires one.

  •  Large-scale multi-session pieces (large thigh pieces, halfsleeves, full sleeves, chest pieces, sternums, etc.) will be booked with a 200$ deposit and will be required to come in every month until the piece is complete. This ensures a timely completion with the most flawless healed result. 100$ from your deposit will come off each session.

  • Deposits are honoured for one year only. If you must reschedule your appointment I will allow you the client to do so twice before asking for an additional deposit or, depending, the entire cost of the tattoo up front. This always will be compounded and will go toward your final session. This additional payment will still be beholden to the original one year limit. 

  • If you choose to send more than 100$ please be aware that it is considered a deposit and subject to all the same policies as above including that the deposit is completely non-refundable for any reason and will only count towards your final session. 

  • Due to the heavy quantity of custom work I do you are guaranteed your drawing the night before your appointment. It is often sooner depending on my workload :) You do not have permission to post the drawing I send to you anywhere on social media including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. My line art from tattoo sketches has been stolen by online merchandise companies and by other artists. Once the stencil is on ya feel free to post pictures of it and the final tattoo as much as you want!

  • Please do not give me full creative freedom on a piece if you actually do have requirements. Major re-draws or drastic changes to a drawing will either mean a reschedule to your appointment or a charge for drawing time depending on scale of changes made. I do my own custom work only and am happy to work with the client as much as possible to the limits of my artistic vision. In the rare case we are not be able to come to an agreement on a design, you are not forced to have it done. Your deposit is paid to cover my drawing time and that is non-refundable, but you are free to cancel and go elsewhere at any time.

  • I specialize in covering self-harm and surgery scarring. Please send me an e-mail to chat more.

  • I do not tattoo or communicate with anyone under 18. Please wait until AFTER your 18th birthday to contact me. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • For the safety of you and your baby, I do not tattoo those who are pregnant or currently breast-feeding.

Apppointment Day Information!

  • Cash or Interac E-transfer ONLY. Unfortunately at this time I do not accept credit or debit cards. Payment is made at the START of your tattoo appointment. If it is the FINAL session of your piece (or you have paid deposits for multiple sessions) your deposit will come off the final price.

  • IMPORTANT: You must eat something carb-heavy at least 2 hours before your appointment. I will not tattoo you if you have not eaten. I will send you out to buy some food and you will be charged for my waiting time. It is irresponsible and drastically increases your risk of fainting/going into shock to not eat. Please bring a sugary juice/pop as well as a snack to your appointment. It will help so much.

  • You MUST present a government-issued photo ID with your birthdate at your appointment even if I have tattooed you before or are well above the age of majority. I accept passports, provincial ID (photo card or driver's license), and Indigenous Status cards. Should you forget your ID you can either go home and get it (you will be charged for my waiting time) or we can reschedule your appointment with an extra 100$ deposit paid to make up for my lost time. This will count as extra deposit and is subject to my regular deposit policies

  • NO SHOW POLICY: 15 minutes late is understandable with a phone call or e-mail. 15+ minutes late with no call or e-mail is considered a no-show and your deposit is forfeit. In order to rebook after a no-show you will need to pay the entire price of the tattoo in a non-refundable payment at the time of booking. This is up to my discretion, though, and I may choose to not rebook depending on the circumstances. Life happens though! I am always understanding of last minute cancellations or rescheduling due to illness and extenuating circumstance. 


Guest Spot Bookings!

Due to the cost of travel and higher costs of living elsewhere in Canada, my hourly rates are higher when working abroad. Often I am beholden to shop guidelines where I am a guest as well as to higher percentage cuts than when I am working at home in my private studio. 

I tattoo most often in Toronto and Vancouver. If you want to see me work at a shop close to you, e-mail me or the shop you have in mind!

Toronto: 175$/hour

Vancouver: 200$/hour
Halifax: 135$/hour


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