Flash Pieces!

Flash pieces are pre-drawn designs that Becky would like to tattoo. Flash are all individually priced and are based on a set size and detail level. Each piece is priced for an arm, leg, or shoulder blade. There is a surcharge for torso, neck, foot, face and hand placements. Flash pieces are only tattooed once. All prices are subject to tax.

Fine Art Reproduction!

This is a collection of fine art paintings that would make good tattoos. There is no size and pricing as it will vary wildly based on where we put it and how small/large we do them. Not all paintings are good for tattooing - I'm looking for prominent subject matter with either high contrast in colour and value or a central dominating subject that is distinct from the background. For most of these pieces the size can vary from miniature to full half-sleeves/leg pieces. As these pieces are reproductions of famous works, these subjects will be repeated but with a different spin to every tattoo to ensure a unique piece. We can recreate only part of the painting as well.

Please contact me for consultation.