Flash Pieces!

Flash pieces are pre-drawn designs that Becky would like to tattoo. Flash are all individually priced and are based on a set size and detail level. Each piece is priced for an arm, leg, or shoulder blade. There is a surcharge for torso, neck, foot, face and hand placements. Flash pieces are only tattooed once. All prices are subject to tax.

My books are ALWAYS OPEN for flash even if they are closed for custom work, however I am currently full until April 2022 and am not booking further until April 16th - 19th 2022 when my books open. Please feel free to request these pieces on those days or later through my new tattoo request form.

Available  Flash

Claimed  Flash

These flash pieces have already been completed as tattoos and/or claimed to be tattooed. However, these can serve as inspiration for a custom piece that would be similar, but different enough to be unique. If you see something you like, just shout! All flash is only tattooed once.