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Flash Pieces!

Claimed  Flash

These flash pieces have already been completed as tattoos and/or claimed to be tattooed. However, these can serve as inspiration for a custom piece that would be similar, but different enough to be unique. If you see something you like, just shout! All flash is only tattooed once.

Available Flash

Flash pieces are pre-drawn designs that I'd love to tattoo! Flash is only tattooed once and no changes can be made to unclaimed pieces. Clients can request new customized versions of claimed flash in the second gallery below!

Please click on the photos to enlarge them. It will show time estimates, colour palettes, size and placement ideas.

Flash bookings are ALWAYS OPEN. E-mail if you see something you like! You will pay a deposit and then you will be sent a link to my virtual calendar so you can choose a date that works for you!

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